Tuesday, September 29, 2009



I have been finding some great things lately, but haven't posted many of them because I have them hidden! I am saving them for Birthdays or Christmas. I have also stocked my "prize cupboard" with fun things. But here are some photos of a few things.

I bought six of these old windows for $20. My 4 year old asked me what I was going to do with all those windows. I told her I was going to hang them on the wall. She looked confused. Then said, "And you won't see outside? That is weird." I guess it kind of is, but I am excited about it.

Did any of you listen to Janeen Brady's music when you were little? I found the whole set! The Safety kids, the Stand'n Tall, all of it! I bought it mostly for sentimental reasons. They are old cassette tapes. But the songs have brought back such great memories! When I put the tape in and listened to "See me run" with my kids and kind of teared up. Such sweet songs. I remember "whirling" around to them. Also, look at the right of that picture with all the cutouts. It's Obama! Wow, Janeen was ahead of her time.
A race track that Reagan loves playing with. I can't remember what I paid. It was $1 or $2.