Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby Girl Room

This was a room that belonged to four boys and now needed to be a home to a baby girl!  I tried to use many of the same things and also make it so she could grow with the room.

The Mirror was purchased at a yard sale and I painted it.  It was gold.  (I also painted it bright pink before I redid it for her room and used it for her baby announcement.)
The Dresser belonged to the boys.  It is a bit beat up, but I added new pulls, also from a yard sale, to dress it up a bit.
The Rocking Chair is several years old.
I bought the rug from Tuesday Morning.  The room had an "ABC" rug that I moved to the playroom.

The Bench belonged to the boys, I just swapped out the blanket with the same baby blanket that I made for Aubryn when she was a baby.
The Tiny Dresses are very old.  Bought them at a yard sale.  I took the blue knobs from the dresser and put them on wood with scrapbook paper.
The "E" was a gift from my Mother-in-law.

I bought the flower balls from Hobby Lobby.
I used the same bed skirt that I made for Aubryn.  I also used the same bumper that all my kids have used, but knowing this was my last baby and a girl, I changed the ribbons.  This is the same crib that all eight of my babies have used.  It still looks pretty good!

I painted this frame from a yard sale, also.  I wrote the saying and printed it up to frame.

I bought the "I am a child of God" at a local Thrift Store.  I made the other art to go with it.  When this was my boys room, there was more boy-ish hoop art hanging with it above the dresser.  I moved them into the playroom.

These hoop art and nursery rhymes where what used to hand in the nursery room. 

This is a playroom side note.  This cute old metal desk for $1 at a yard sale!!!

The rug he is playing on used to be in the nursery room.  Another side note is that the chalk board was found in the back room of my husbands office many years ago.

Back to the nursery room, here are the new pulls.

The porcelain dolls are from a grandmother.  I like that one is blond and one is brunette, like my two girls.  Both have blue eyes too! 

Hard to see in that tiny oval frame is a heart cut from a map of our home.
I would also like to put up new curtains and a new light.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Eden's Christmas Stocking

I finished Eden's Christmas Stocking this weekend.  The crazy thing is that many years ago when I made Brian and I's for our first Christmas together, I bought a bunch of felt fabric to make them.  When I made Eden's I used the last bit of it!  I barely had enough.  I had no idea how many kids I would have or what I would put on each stocking, but it worked out perfectly!

Lace Leggings for Baby

I made these leggings from the sleeves of a shirt I bought at a yard sale!  I added lace at the bottom.

They go great with the geranium dress I sewed for her.

High Chair

I bought this high chair at a yard sale for $3!!  I bought the paint at the hardware store in their I-mixed-the-wrong-color area for $2.50.  I even bought the nice paint brush I used at a yard sale for $.25!  What a deal!

Baby Girl Moccasins

Baby Headband

Baby Crocheted Booties

My first pair of baby booties!