Friday, February 27, 2009


I found these two suits for my husband at Target yesterday! They were on the clearance rack. I paid $24.99 for the jackets and 12 something for the pants. They are nice! We have bought expensive suits and suits from Target before. We both think the Target suits held up better. I like the way they fit him. He looked so sharp when he left for work this morning. This was at the Target in Layton. They had others that were half the cost of what we bought, but they were in the wrong size. So go check it out!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cheap trick

I buy shower caps at the dollar store (usually 8 in a pack) and use them to cover food. They stretch to fit all kind of containers. They are great for watermelons after you have sliced one end.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheap stuff in Girl's Room

The stove and sink piece are from a yard sale. It was $8. I painted it. The little cupboard and high chair were mine when I was little. I repainted it. I put hardware on them from an old dresser I got rid of. The table and chairs are from IKEA.
I painted a board yellow and then glued these flower holders that I bought at a yard sale. We hang her dress up clothes on it. The blue frame was a wedding gift. I painted it blue and we framed some pictures from Disneyland.
I painted another board ( I have lots of scraps from when we finished our basement) and painted the word "Dream" on it. I put some flowers from my scrapbooking stuff on it. The lamp is from a yard sale.
I painted these squares and stamped these words on them. I sanded the edges. I cut out the flowers and tied ribbon through the holes. These are hung above her window. I have a piece of red fabric hung with thumb tac's as a cover for now. I haven't figured out her window treatments yet.
The paintings of the flowers were painted by me on some canvases I picked up at a yard sale. I made the pillows out of remnants I bought at Walmart. The Cinderella pillow is from a yardsale. It was $.25! The light is from IKEA. It was about $40.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cheap Stuff Around My House

These pictures of my kids (I need to add one more!) were made from some snapshots I took of my kids. I cropped them so you can't see the background. I picked ones that I liked their expressions. Then I took them to Walmart and had them made into 8 x 10 and black and white. I bought the frames at Walmart too. I'm thinking they were $3.

The sign above the photos was a board that I painted and used clear letter stamps to put the quote on it.

I inherited this canning table from my Grandmother. It was made by her father. I painted it blue. It was really distressed. I added some crackling in a few spots and sanded around it to keep the aged look.

If you want to crackle paint, you can do it with elmer's glue. Paint the glue on. While it is still wet, paint the color on top. As it dries, it crackles. I used a heat gun to speed it along. But remember to keep it moving. I held the heat gun in one spot to long and it made some bubbles in the paint.
The "Family" sign was found at a yard sale for just a few dollars. The pitcher was a Ross clearance item. The black plates are from Tia Pan. The little boy is priceless!
See the fireplace guard? I found that at a yard sale for $3! The wreath too. I think it was $2. The "Bless this Home" was stamped by me. The board that I stamped it on was from a yard sale. If you flip it over it says, "Happy Holidays."

The curtains were found at Ross. They were $8 a panel. I had found three and was looking for the fourth. I couldn't find one in the store. My sister was with me. I asked her if she thought that praying to find a curtain panel would be bad. She wasn't sure. I said a prayer anyway. With in moments she found the fourth panel! We found it in the sheets isle. My prayer was answered. How great is that?
The painting in this photo was painted by me. I bought the canvases at Hobby Lobby with coupons. Then I bought a long skinny board at Lowes, painted it, cut it, and staple gunned it around the painting for the frame. (With my husbands help)

The pillows are from Ross and Family Dollar. None of them cost more than $8. The walnut wood shelf is from Kmart. It was around $80. And the end table you can barely see on the left is from Bookoos. I paid $25 for 3 of them.