Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheap stuff in Girl's Room

The stove and sink piece are from a yard sale. It was $8. I painted it. The little cupboard and high chair were mine when I was little. I repainted it. I put hardware on them from an old dresser I got rid of. The table and chairs are from IKEA.
I painted a board yellow and then glued these flower holders that I bought at a yard sale. We hang her dress up clothes on it. The blue frame was a wedding gift. I painted it blue and we framed some pictures from Disneyland.
I painted another board ( I have lots of scraps from when we finished our basement) and painted the word "Dream" on it. I put some flowers from my scrapbooking stuff on it. The lamp is from a yard sale.
I painted these squares and stamped these words on them. I sanded the edges. I cut out the flowers and tied ribbon through the holes. These are hung above her window. I have a piece of red fabric hung with thumb tac's as a cover for now. I haven't figured out her window treatments yet.
The paintings of the flowers were painted by me on some canvases I picked up at a yard sale. I made the pillows out of remnants I bought at Walmart. The Cinderella pillow is from a yardsale. It was $.25! The light is from IKEA. It was about $40.

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  1. Gosh, you are so creative and have a lot of skill-sewing, painting, sanding, etc...
    I really need to hit more garage sales. You find the best stuff. Maybe I just don't look for the right kind of stuff. Her room is so cute. Your whole house is. =)