Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Refinishing the Dining Table and Chairs

I ordered this brand new dining table. I was really excited for it to come in! I was also a little nervous. I wasn't sure of the exact wood finish. But the picture looked great. It was a gamble. I lost. Here is what the table looked like:

So, I gathered my nerve, gave myself a pep talk, and went at it! I took the sander to my brand new table! I am happy with the color, but for some reason the "satin" finish is very glossy still. I am glad I didn't buy the "high gloss" finish or I would have to buy sunglasses for everyone to wear to dinner. I refinished all the chair seats, stool seats, and bench seat too. The legs and the backs of the chairs are an "espresso" finish. They are a very dark brown. The table looks so much better in my house now. The reddish/orange really made my cabinets look gray.
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yard Sales!!

Some cute clothes. They all fit well except the cream jacket. It was a little big.
I bought this hand stitched table cloth with eight napkins for $4! It is kind of sad to go to an estate sale and walk through someone's home. The cupboards were open and everything in the house was for sale.

These old books were from another sale. I paid $2 for all of them and a doll. They are from the early 19oo's.

I also found an old suitcase that I put on the shelf in the basement, some Polly Pockets for .50, books for Brad, a princess book, two dress-up dresses that were in perfect shape (Jasmine and a fancy generic one), and a few other items. It was fun!! I am excited that yards sale season is back!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cheap stuff in the Living Room

That white thing on the wall is from Ross and was on clearance. It was just a couple dollars. The end table is from Bukoos. It is one of 3 I bought for $25. The curtains are from Big Lots (around $10). The sheers are from a yard sale. The chair and sofa I price matched. I called every furniture store in the area. I found the cheapest price and called the one store who offers free delivery and ordered it through them. I saved so much. The store is Sparrow's, for any of you in the area. They have super service and free delivery. Every other furniture store charges about $60 to deliver. (Believe me, I called them all).
The mirrors are from all over. Big Lots, Walmart, Ross, and T.J. Maxx. The framed leaves were something I bought years ago for my old house. They were not a super deal, but not too bad. About $10 a piece.
The painting was painted by me. It is of the Idaho Falls temple, which is where we were married. The sticks are from a yard sale, $2. The tile with the quote on it was a gift from a thoughtful neighbor. The other thing next to it was $1 at a yard sale. Even the hymn book is from a yard sale. The piano was purchased from an ad in the paper. It was $1000. The white lamp is from Walmart. The piano lamp is from Target. Neither of them were even on sale! I just bought them because I needed them. Totally out of character for me. he he. The basket on the floor next to the piano has Brad's piano books in it. I bought it at a yard sale for just a couple dollars and it was full of fun stuff for my kids.