Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Deal Ever!

$5 sand table

$40! $40!!!
I'm not sure my husband and the men that helped him move this thought it was such a great deal.  Our old one was looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The kids have LOVED it!  I started painting the swing set.  It is looking great, but the stomach flu decided to visit me mid painting and I haven't finished yet.  I'll add it to my list!

The next week while I was yard saling, my husband was golfing.  I thought, "What could be worse than moving a swing set?"  I called him and told him that I was at a yard sale.  I said that I saw a tree there that I really liked so I asked them what kind it was.  I told Brian that they told me that if I dug it up, I could have it.  Before I could tell him that I wanted him to go dig it up and bring it home through the sun roof of his car, I started laughing so hard I couldn't talk.  He said, "Way to go, Anjie!  Are you going to dig it up?"  When I could finally talk again I told him I was kidding.  "You mean there is no tree?"  I guess he was willing to dig it up!


From some recent yard sales.

Labor and Postpartum gown

I sewed this for a friend.  Follow link HERE to see more pictures.

Natural and Home Birth onsies

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These are for sale.  et me know if you are interested or want a special one made for you!