Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Tie Onsie

Fun Bag

I used a grocery bag for the pattern to make this bag.

I added fun flowers to dress it up.

I made a matching clutch.  pattern

Inside of clutch.

Here you can see the lining in the bag.
This was my FIRST bag!  It was fun.  It is also for sale.

Shabby Chic Purse

It is lined inside with a pocket. I used this pattern. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this bag.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mouse Pad Recover

The free mouse pad.

I ripped the top off.

I traced it onto a fabric remnant.

I mod pogged the fabric onto the mouse pad and trimmed the edges.
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Rose Wreath

I wrapped an old frame with fabric I bought at a yard sale.  I ripped it into strips and used Fabri-tac to keep it in place.

I made roses out of ribbon and strips of fabric.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Tables

I recently did a small demonstration for the ladies at church about decorating the table for Valentine’s Day. I will write my notes on here. The notes may inspire more ideas and not just for Valentines.


• Colors (red and white, pink and brown, black and burgundy, etc)

• Vintage

• Conversation hearts

• Lips/kisses

• XO

• Bling bling

• Time era from when you met

• Your song

• Wedding memories

• Newly wed game

• Vacation (Tropical, Disney, Honeymoon, etc)
• Your past together through the years

• Romance movies

• Love letters


• Placemats (Fabric, doily, paper, hearts)

• Centerpieces

o Framed photos

o Memories

o Wedding centerpieces

o Movies

o Candles

 wrap candles in paper

 put candles in vases with candy

o Vases

 With candy layered

 With anything in right colors

 Hearts

 Flowers

o Love Tree

 Hearts on it with things you love about person

 Memories

• Fabric

o Scraps you might have

o Remnants from store (cheap!)


• Banner

• Hearts

• Tissue poms

heart garlands were made from constuction paper and
sewn together.  I punched scrapbook paper and sewed
those together.  Last, I folded paper like I was cutting a
snowflake, but cut half a heart. 
• Garland

 Hearts sewn together

 Punches sewn together

 “Be Mine”

 Doilies folded over string

• Ribbons

• Balloons


• Scavenger hunt to the table

 Your life through the years (first date, trips, kids, etc. Example: our first date was to a hockey game so the first clue was hidden in the ice maker in the freezer)

 Romantic movie lines

• 10 things I love about you

• Love notes with each entre

"thankful trees" I made in the fall for center pieces
"love tree"

half made tissue pom