Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Tables

I recently did a small demonstration for the ladies at church about decorating the table for Valentine’s Day. I will write my notes on here. The notes may inspire more ideas and not just for Valentines.


• Colors (red and white, pink and brown, black and burgundy, etc)

• Vintage

• Conversation hearts

• Lips/kisses

• XO

• Bling bling

• Time era from when you met

• Your song

• Wedding memories

• Newly wed game

• Vacation (Tropical, Disney, Honeymoon, etc)
• Your past together through the years

• Romance movies

• Love letters


• Placemats (Fabric, doily, paper, hearts)

• Centerpieces

o Framed photos

o Memories

o Wedding centerpieces

o Movies

o Candles

 wrap candles in paper

 put candles in vases with candy

o Vases

 With candy layered

 With anything in right colors

 Hearts

 Flowers

o Love Tree

 Hearts on it with things you love about person

 Memories

• Fabric

o Scraps you might have

o Remnants from store (cheap!)


• Banner

• Hearts

• Tissue poms

heart garlands were made from constuction paper and
sewn together.  I punched scrapbook paper and sewed
those together.  Last, I folded paper like I was cutting a
snowflake, but cut half a heart. 
• Garland

 Hearts sewn together

 Punches sewn together

 “Be Mine”

 Doilies folded over string

• Ribbons

• Balloons


• Scavenger hunt to the table

 Your life through the years (first date, trips, kids, etc. Example: our first date was to a hockey game so the first clue was hidden in the ice maker in the freezer)

 Romantic movie lines

• 10 things I love about you

• Love notes with each entre

"thankful trees" I made in the fall for center pieces
"love tree"

half made tissue pom

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