Monday, April 13, 2009

Cheap stuff in the Living Room

That white thing on the wall is from Ross and was on clearance. It was just a couple dollars. The end table is from Bukoos. It is one of 3 I bought for $25. The curtains are from Big Lots (around $10). The sheers are from a yard sale. The chair and sofa I price matched. I called every furniture store in the area. I found the cheapest price and called the one store who offers free delivery and ordered it through them. I saved so much. The store is Sparrow's, for any of you in the area. They have super service and free delivery. Every other furniture store charges about $60 to deliver. (Believe me, I called them all).
The mirrors are from all over. Big Lots, Walmart, Ross, and T.J. Maxx. The framed leaves were something I bought years ago for my old house. They were not a super deal, but not too bad. About $10 a piece.
The painting was painted by me. It is of the Idaho Falls temple, which is where we were married. The sticks are from a yard sale, $2. The tile with the quote on it was a gift from a thoughtful neighbor. The other thing next to it was $1 at a yard sale. Even the hymn book is from a yard sale. The piano was purchased from an ad in the paper. It was $1000. The white lamp is from Walmart. The piano lamp is from Target. Neither of them were even on sale! I just bought them because I needed them. Totally out of character for me. he he. The basket on the floor next to the piano has Brad's piano books in it. I bought it at a yard sale for just a couple dollars and it was full of fun stuff for my kids.

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