Thursday, July 30, 2009

Projects to do and finish

I bought fabric to make valances. Need to get it done.
I painted my desk and hutch. I still need to put drawer pulls and fabric on the back of the hutch. Trying to decide.

I need to finish Rylan's baby book. I am hoping to have it done by his birthday in 2 weeks.

I also need to make his first year video. (a tradition I started with my first baby. I didn't realize what I got myself into!) And his first year "quiz".

I also have spent a lot of my thinking time on centerpieces I am in charge of for an upcoming church enrichment activity.

I need to recover the porch swing I posted about right before this post. It is wearing and tearing.

OOHHHH! Abnd I found the perfect idea for my baby boy's room. His walls are still empty. I have dreams of this with this picture:
But, right now, I need to shower!!
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  1. I love the hutch!! It is so pretty. How is the stuff for Rylan's b-day coming along??? I also love the picture of him.
    Oh, did you ever get to take your shower?

  2. Hi there Anjie! Looks like you are a busy!!! I have to admit I'm a little jealous of how productive you are! I still can't find your number, but would love to get the kids together for another playdate. When you get a minute e-mail me at TTYL!