Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to Basic's Night Center Pieces

These center pieces were for our church enrichment activity. It was kind of a back to school night but broader than that to include those with out back to school age kids. We had dinner, a clothes swap, a quilt set up to work on, and mini classes. Some of the classes were:

Quick and easy hair (taught by a gal in the ward who does hair. This was a fun and popular class)
Coupon shopping (taught by two ladies who are experts. They showed us all the cool web sites and tricks)
Back to School tips (taught by a school teacher)
Indexing (taught by some ward members who know how. Our ward has been on fire, indexing over 110,000 names since June 2009. My husband has done nearly 4000 names!)

I also did a display on the stage and forgot to take a picture. I think these center pieces could have been simplified and been just as cute or cuter. I had brainstormed and made a list of all the items that could work. Then I gathered as many as I could find. I used black butcher paper for the chalkboard look. I could have cut up some black poster board if I wanted it to be more substantial. Here is the list of all the items I had thought of.

Lunch boxes

Tins from craft room

School supplies

Old books

Yarn in jars, or buttons or school items




Wrap books in ribbon


Newspaper squares

Or plain newsprint paper stamped big letters & numbers

Peppermint sticks in a jar

Flash cards

Chalk boards


Black butcher paper for chalk boards/ black poster board cut smaller

Candle sticks

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