Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Barbie House

I bought this at a yard sale for $4!! I cleaned and sanded it. Then used paint I had leftover from my house and scrapbook paper to wallpaper the walls.


  1. You are so incredibly creative! Wow! And yep, pregnant again! I'm excited, but intimidated for 3. I don't know if I could handle natural birth, although it would save $! But I do want this time around to be more positive. I'll have to call you and we can talk about options and references and things. Again, love the doll house. I bet you made a certain little girl's week!

  2. Anjie-sorry I haven't called you, this week's been a little crazy-my bro came home from his mission and we found out we have to re-bid everything for our house, for the bank. So, we've been busy. Maybe after Thanksgiving we could get the kids together. I know they'd love it!